Thursday, October 13, 2016

Script Kitties Early Trick or Treat, Part 2

I promised a treat. Well, as scripts go, this will probably be like the time you went trick-or-treating as a kid and the old couple gave you three pennies and then you walked down the street and realized the pennies seemed to smell bad, but hey, it's money you didn't have before, so what the hay. It's not quite that bad, it's just I wrote it in 2006 and I didn't do much to bring it into modern times. But, here we go...

In 2006, PowerShell was just about to be released and around the same time I was thinking, darn it, wouldn't it be easier to experiment with VBScript if they had given me a command line? So I made one.

As it turns out, some malware is written in VBScript, so this came in handy a while back for me to decode a few lazily "encoded" strings that were assembled using the VBScript Chr() function and string concatenation. It let me figure out what COM objects were being created and move on with my life, so maybe it'll be useful to you.

I also added the ability to switch to JScript, because people also write malware in JScript, so hell, why not.

Here's a little demo:

You're wishing I just gave you the pennies now, aren't you.

Yeah, that's it. If you look at the code, you'll find out why it stinks just like those pennies. But it serves its purpose. So, enjoy!

Here's the code:

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