Sunday, June 21, 2015

Let robots do your job

For the article Vi Vies with Vim and Vigor, I wanted to make a table based on the notes I had jotted down in a text file.

Vim's macro functionality did this for me. First, I delimited each column of the table with a tab. Then, I just recorded a macro and executed it on each line:

qd         (record macro to register "d")
I          (insert at beginning of line)
<tr><td>   (HTML markup for table row / table data)
esc        (return to edit mode)
f<tab>     (find the next tab)
cl         (change the character after the cursor)
</td><td>  (end one td element and start another)
esc        (return to edit mode)
A          (append at end of line)
</td></tr> (end td and tr elements)
esc        (return to edit mode)
j          (down one line)
q          (terminate macro recording)

You could then optionally edit the macro to invoke itself recursively:

qD         (append macro to register "d")
@d         (invoke macro "d")
q          (terminate macro recording)

And finally, set the robot to work on the assembly line by invoking this recursive macro:


In Vim, this makes quick work of a bunch of tedious HTML edits:

Robots for the win!

On a side-note, I captured this GIF image using the screen capture utility I talked about here. Oddly, I see that instead of being surrounded by window trim, it is surrounded by the contents of the window behind it. A peculiarity of the Windows APIs? Maybe an inquiry for another post. Until then, happy hackin'.

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