Sunday, March 29, 2015


If you do web application work or malware analysis, you're bound to run into base64-encoded data.  For debugging purposes, it can be useful to decode (and encode) this data.  Linux has a utility named base64 for such things.  Windows does not, but the .NET System.Text namespace contains at least two relevant functions:

Convert.ToBase64String(byte []);

With not much work, you can create a quick utility like the base64 utility in Linux, but for Windows.  You can also use the .NET clipboard APIs to make the utility capable of conveniently translating data directly within the clipboard.

Featured here is a quickie utility for working with base64 encoding in various formats (command-line arguments, standard input/output, and clipboard).

The utility has issues encoding and decoding itself because it uses ReadLine() and doesn't read the entire input stream.  Perhaps using OpenStandardInput().Read(...) would alleviate this.  In any case, the example is provided as-is.

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